Why Clocks Don't Work

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Keep Your Clock in Proper Working Conditions

Keeping a clock working requires occasional care – oiling, cleaning, and repairing – for it to run and keep a good time. Older clocks that were built to last will run longer than the modern clocks. These clocks require servicing every 5+/- years. Similar to your car, the oil in your clock must be changed to keep it in working order.
Clocks Work

Why Don’t Clocks Work?

  • Too much wear - results in too much friction, slowing, or stopping the clock
  • Springs that have lost their power - metal fatigue causes the loss of power to turn the wheels, powering the clock
  • Broken parts - springs or gear teeth that will not allow the clock to keep time
  • “Old” oil that acts more like glue than oil - gummy oil does not allow the clock to run as it should and increases the wear of all parts
  • Mechanical adjustment - if the clock is “out of beat” with an uneven tic-toc, the clock or pendulum cannot keep running
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